Diurnal cycle representation in global climate models

Global and regional climate models

· Indian monsoon regio
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Joint Probability distribution calculated for diurnal magnitude and phase of precipitation from TRMM, WRF, and AGCM CMIP simulations

Main Findings (Rakesh and Takahashi 2020, Extended abstracts of Non-hydrostatic Modelling Workshop, 2018)

  1. Recent AMIP models in the CMIP5 project and parameterized simulations failed to represent the diurnal cycle of Indian summer monsoon precipitation. They were unable to simulate the afternoon/late afternoon precipitation over land.
  2. Explicit simulations better represent the diurnal cycle of precipitation and its characteristics over the land, ocean, and along the land-sea and mountains.
  3. These results outline the better representation of the diurnal cycle of precipitation in Indian summer monsoon that could simulate monsoon-related seasonal mean rainfall and its variability accurately.